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Cooltek Mechanical provides air conditioning service, air conditioning repair, heating repair, heating service and commercial refrigeration in Hampstead, North Carolina. If you are looking to beat the heat in Hampstead this summer, let Cooltek Mechanical help you. Our expert air conditioning technicians are happy to help you tune-up, or repair your A/C so your summer is sweat-free. A good HVAC system is important for residential and commercial businesses in Hampstead, NC. The professional team of air conditioner contractors at Cooltek Mechanical Heating and Air is experienced and eager to help you with all of your heating and air needs in Hampstead.

Cooltek has become one of the most trusted names in heating, air conditioning repair, and commercial refrigeration in the Hampstead, North Carolina area. Given Hampstead's hot summer days, not to mention the unexpected and sudden blasts of freezing temperatures can bring--having your air conditioner, gas furnace, and commercial refrigeration in good working order is absolutely essential.

This is where Cooltek's team of highly skilled, always friendly and professional HVACR technicians come in, making sure your air conditioning and heating equipment and commercial refrigeration are working like new. Here at Cooltek, we stand by our heating and cooling services and commercial refrigeration service, offering Hampstead's residents superior 24/7 support, ensuring that you and your family are comfortable all year round, no matter what the weather is like in Hampstead.

Have you noticed a sudden spike in your electric bill? Does your commercial refrigeration equipment or heating and air conditioning unit frequently cycle on and off? Are you noticing inadequate or uneven heating or cooling on your commercial or residential property? Has your heat and air conditioning system stopped working completely? Call Cooltek Mechanical for prompt and reliable service for all your heating and AC system repairs and all your commercial refrigeration maintenance calls in the Hampstead, NC area.  Our skilled HVACR technicians have the expertise and resources necessary to detect and resolve all your HVACR and AC system problems in Hampstead, North Carolina.

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